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What is Truth?

Tweet What is real? Do you know? Do you care? Does it mater? Real is what is real to you. If you believe it, it is true to you and it does not matter who or what someone may say … Continue reading

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Ever hear of Seiji??

Tweet Hes retarted and not in the down syndrome way…no hes retarted in the dope ass producer/remixer kinda way. Both forms blow my mind. Anyway shake his invisible electronic hand here. First track is from the lovely Roisin Murphy. Roisin Murphy – … Continue reading

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Play with Fire

Tweet Play with Fire Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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Kikz Flyanov

Tweet you should see these dope new cleats i got for baseball. no those old school reebok’s are NOT them here’s some stuff i’m into….go figure. watch for these cats…shoes Primary 1 HOLD ME DOWN (Shoes Mix) Mystery Jets YOUNG … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

Tweet Heres a quick mini mix i just finished about 7 minutes ago. Real quick with absolutely no thought put into composition or track selection. Turned out aight i reckon…. Enjoi. Oh and please see below cus our x best … Continue reading

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Kiss my Assinov!!

Tweet This bad boy is a longtime friend – Zach aka Z-Trip. Representing Tempe Arizona wut. Pssssst send me your fresh shit boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Z-Trip & Murs KISS REMIX Next up and old jam. Some fans might remember this one from … Continue reading

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