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A 3 pack of local DJ/Producers that our city of Vancouver is proud to call our own. Lazy Rich, IAMXL, and Right Hand Barber are making waves in their own rights on a global scale and here in our fair city. A short introduction to each fella if you aren’t in the know yet, and if you do then you know their Schitz be Popinov already.

Lazy Rich

Gut-wrenchingly intense, obnoxiously funky and audaciously epic, Lazy Rich makes sick stupid beats to get floors bumping. Having his tracks played by the likes of DJ Dan, Hatiras, Miles Dyson, Sander Kleinenberg, Klass, Micky Slim, and Will Bailey, Lazy Rich is gaining some serious momentum on sites such as Beatport andTrackItDown. His own record label Big Fish Recordings is getting major attention right now also. Respecting his wish not to post up tracks Lazy Rich sent me this video teaser for you to check out.


IAMXL – Drop Out (Sample)

King T – Bass (IAMXL Remix)

We’ve featured this cat’s jams many a time on Schitz and his hype has reached all over the world. Getting love from countless DJ’s everywhere and radio jockeys alike (KissySellOut = Hello). His in depth website here does all the talking his music doesn’t already do for IAMXL.

Right Hand Barber

LMFAO- I’m In Miami Bitch (Right Hand Barber Club Mix)

Right Hand Barber – Hot Girls

Fairly new to the remixing and producing scene RHB has quickly gained attention from major record labels such as cRANK, Big Fish, Sovereign Records, Live To Tape, Noobish and Plasmapool Recordings with his bass fueled electro sound. Having graced the decks as a DJ all over the map RHB is known now a multi talented music force.

Speaking of Vancouver, we have Bass Kleph swinging through Shine Nightclub on Thursday for **FML** if you are in town. Tweet Tweet.

Back Room @ Shine is **Low Motion** and they are doing a CD release for another local kid done good FM ATTACK.

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