Meyhem Lauren – Mandatory Brunch Meetings

Meyhem Lauren is a Wu esq. dood on Wu esq. beats.

When you hear someone say “everyday is thanksgiving” , you almost immediately question the statement made in the press release saying that this is “boss music.” Food, clothing and social media platforms escape any preconceived notion of what boss traditionally meant. Well, not clothing, but Guess Jeans for sure. And is was pretty cool to hear somebody mention Black Planet.

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Then again, it is 2012 and who knows what the fuck is going on half the time.

Blah blah. Meyhem Lauren actually delivers a listenable album from 1 through 17 of this free freebie. Productions are on point (nice and oldschool). You can skate to this, chill to this, drive to this, or whatever quite easily. #13 Secret Angle prod. by Falside got me right now.

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