Wallpaper & George Clinton – Put Ur Attn on Me

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Wallpaper is back with a new track for all the Schitz Heads out there. This time around, the Oakland-based musician was accompanied by The Godfather of Funk, George Clinton.

“Put Ur Attn On Me” comes as a bit of a throwback sound for Ricky Reed and company, harkening back to their debut album, DooDoo Face The hyphy-driven beats of their recent releases are all but absent on this track as the group has returned to their electronic funk roots coupled with Ricky’s soulful vocals a la “I Got Soul, I’m So Wasted”.

When asked to comment on the new track, Ricky mostly had praise for one of heroes in Clinton, expressing how much of an honor it was to get to work with him. “George is just as much a fucking genius today as he was in the 70s and 80s,” said Reed. “He’s still Dr. Funkenstien, the Atomic Dog, the Undisco Kidd!”, he continued. “When the words came out his mouth ‘Ricky Reed, you got that doodoo!’, I was glad I was recording!”

You can listen to “Put Ur Attn on Me” right now, as the new jam is available in a graphic video and MP3 stream.

- <3 Watts Krackinov

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