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Dr. Dre Started Burning Man?

Tweet The Truth About Burning Man Ticket Sales! Information about Dre’s link to the burning man festival So here is the skinny for anyone who prefers to read the fine print for themselves: The Big Secret: Dr. Dre is financially … Continue reading

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100 sled dogs slaughter in Whistler, B.C. #reallife

Tweet The slaughter of 100 sled dogs by an employee of a tour operator in Whistler, B.C., should be a wake-up call for the need for tougher regulations in the industry, says an operator in Canmore. “We’re horrified,” said Connie … Continue reading

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Tweet Schit… I don’t even know what to say. … but I think my life just changed.                       Use Facebook to Comment on this Post

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M.I.A. Sucks at Hard Fest. in NY

Tweet I guess if your going to suck, you should suck hard and what better place then Hard Fest! 10 points for Hangin’a looooogie on a photographer √ Headlines at M.I.A., who was the top-billed performer over the weekend … Continue reading

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WeakSauce Wednesdays 7.0 – iPad

Tweet I’m not going to get into why this is weak…. Just read twitter.. But I will say that I don’t believe this was an accidental suckfest. Sets them up to totally redeem them selves right!         … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesdays 1.0

Tweet LOL!! Holy fuck ballz!! Best buy really bring out their edgy side what!?! I use the word ‘EDGY’ to describe this because, What the Fuck does ‘edgy’ mean? I mean, at this point I could take a dizzel in … Continue reading

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